How Are You Spending Today's Global Climate Strike?

How Are You Spending Today's Global Climate Strike?

As we think about the Global Climate Strike happening today, we would like to shine a spotlight on the brands that are really making a difference in the current climate crisis. We would love to be joining in on the strike, but as today is our big move in day to a new office we have had to contribute in an alternative way. It is understandable that the severity of the issue can make the matter seem quite bleak. But today, we celebrate the companies that often look for ways to reduce their impact on the world around them through recycling, using less energy and supporting conservation efforts of other countries and charities.

These companies have done the heavy lifting for us. It is now our turn to highlight their achievements.



Mother Erth

Mother Erth have two goals in their manifesto: Eliminate Waste and Empower Artisan Mums.

So how do they achieve their goals? With the creation of each new bag, plastic that would have clogged landfills and choked oceans is given new life. One bag keeps about 1lb of plastic from entering the environment – that’s the equivalent of about 450 Capri Sun Juices ! By choosing Mother Erth, you are both actively contributing positively to their mission and reminding others to care for our environment by inspiring them to better our world.

Each bag is handmade by artisan moms, which empowers them to lift their families out of poverty. They use traditional double weaves to make incredibly strong handbags. When it comes to providers in developing countries, a mother's income often determines whether her children will have nutritious food and are able to go to school. So meet one of the women who made these beautiful bags. 

When you buy a Mother Erth bag you are actively helping to keep pollution from our land and oceans while giving artisan mums in rural areas access to markets to stop the poverty cycle. Carry it with pride. 


Reveal have introduced eco-friendly, sustainable design to the world of technology accessories. By doing so, the mobile generation do not have to compromise on quality while prioritising the planet. Using materials such as bamboo, cork, and innovative recycled fabrics (made from post-consumer plastics) they have a wide range of both beautiful and functional tech accessories.

We at Agent of Change love the partnerships that Reveal proudly work with, in order to create bigger initiatives that have a greater impact. Their artfully designed nature tech collection is inspired by and donate to non-profit American Forests, which gives back to our planet by planting trees to revive damaged ecosystems in the United States and worldwide. Their support of change-making non-profits make your experience as a consumer all the more enjoyable !

Cape Clasp

At the centre of Cape Clasp’s motivation is the drive to support non-profit charities.

Today, Cape Clasp is a purpose-driven brand with a mission to #makewaves for marine life causes. For each design, they partner with a different marine life organization and donate 15% of their profits to support important research. Over the past few years, their non-profit donations totalled over $70,000.

Cape Clasp partner with the Cape Cod National Seashore, The Trustees, the Whale & Dolphin Conservation and many more, with the list continuing to grow ! One exciting partner is their non-profit partner: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, who have created the Sharktivity app !

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy developed the Sharktivity app to track white shark sightings in the waters off the Cape and Islands. Individuals can report sightings directly in the app with important details, photos, and location. This sighting information is incredibly important to improving public safety on the beaches of Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard. Officials are able to warn swimmers and boaters to exercise caution in areas near recent sightings and can close or evacuate nearby beaches. 

Que Bottle

que Bottle is busy supporting both national and San Francisco bay area local non-profit organizations to help raise environmental awareness, promote sustainable practices, and protect our beautiful planet Earth.

Their partners range from the Rainforest Trust, to the Grand Canyon Trust, to the Coral Reef Alliance and Groundwork Richmond! Their limited edition release for Coral Reef Alliance raised $2500, which went directly to protecting one of the most precious ecosystems on Earth. Their work with The Rainforest Alliance have resulted in 2,700 acres of Rainforest. Their limited edition bottle “Rainfall” helped save another 1500 acres ! These acres go towards protecting deforestation, saving the homes of many animals and supporting endangered species. Since partnering with The Ocean Foundation, que Bottle have donated $7500 to Polar Seas Initiative. On top of this, they also donated money to grow one acre of Seagrass – which will offset 50 tons of carbon emission.

If you are still thinking about finding the perfect alternative to plastic bottles you need look no further: que Bottle not only prevent further plastic waste, but they also take positive and active steps to reverse the damage of climate change, across every corner of the Earth.



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