Stand with Companies that want Better for the Environment

Stand with Companies that want Better for the Environment

Every day, the global consumption of plastic straws alone is enough to wrap around the Earth’s circumference four times. As the awareness of similarly scary statistics is growing, so too is the number of companies that are incorporating their concern for the environment into business decisions. These companies are often seeking solutions to reduce their impact on the world around them through recycling, using less energy and supporting conservation efforts of other countries and charities. What’s more, many companies have found they can resell used products and materials that were formerly considered waste. For example, when Verizon focused on creating more sustainable operations, the company generated $27 million by sorting out and selling recyclable materials from its waste stream, while also saving over a million dollars in waste removal costs.

With all this happening, the responsibility falls to you, as the consumer, to support these companies by buying their products which in turn will benefit the planet. At Agent of Change, we are dedicated to finding environmentally conscious products to deliver directly to you. Now is the time to celebrate these companies for the steps they are making to support our planet.

Bambaw Click here

Bambaw is an eco-friendly brand for zero-waste essentials. Their choice of bamboo to replace materials such as plastic makes total sense. Bamboo is often referred to as “the world’s most renewable material”. It can even grow up to one metre per day whilst absorbing five times more carbon dioxide and producing 35% more oxygen than trees. Even when bamboo is harvested, the plant simply regenerates itself, requiring no pesticides, fertilizer and little water. At Bambaw, you can find plastic-free alternatives such as their bamboo cutlery set. Even at the end of its life, the flatware can be safely composted, leaving behind no waste!

Mothererth Click here

Mothererth is a social impact company creating fashion that restores the earth as well as empowering women. The team intercepts unrecyclable materials before they can pollute the land and oceans and then turns them into incredible one-of-a-kind designs. Once the items have been completed by the team of artisan moms in local Filipino communities, they are paid a fare-wage price (over three times the average wage in their communities). This too allows the mothers to stop the poverty cycle and build a better future for their families.

Onya Click here

Onya is a company also striving to showcase reusable alternatives to single use plastic. Not only are their products recyclable, but they are also made out of recycled material, such as rPET, a fabric produced from recycled plastic water bottles. Their goal of zero waste to landfill is not just admirable, but something we can all strive for. By partnering with TerraCycle, Onya responsibly manage the end of life options for their products, to achieve their goal of a circular economy. Whether they are reused, upcycled, or recycled, Onya’s option to return old Onya products is a positive step towards protecting our planet.

Stasher Click here 

Stasher is a patented, award-winning designed storage bag that is better for you and for the planet. Its eco-friendly status ensures that it is environmentally safe and long lasting. A leader in the plastic-free movement, the reusable, silicone bag is the smart alternative to plastic. Not only is silica a natural resource, Stasher’s Stand Up Bag is both recyclable, and non-toxic.

Jangneus Click here

Jangneus recognise the best design is a practical design. Without having to sacrifice on these priorities, they have created eco-friendly dishcloths made from natural and renewable materials: cellulose and cotton. Importantly, they are 100% biodegradable, so at the end of their lives, they can be deposited straight onto the compost heap!

Green Guru Gear Click here

Green Guru Gear is a team of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts who work to create change in the outdoor and cycling sports industries. Green Guru Gear’s products, such as the Zipper Pouch, all started out as something else: bike tubes, wetsuits, and billboard materials. By keeping these valuable materials out of landfills, Green Guru can explore with an environmental conscience. They are dedicated to process and solutions that help reduce waste and raise efficiency, which has been recognised with their Gold Level Status with The Colorado Environmental Leadership Program.


We depend on the earth far more than it needs us. It is not just the planet that suffers from issues such as plastic pollution. We too are left vulnerable due to its harmful toxins, and waste polluting effect on the water. If we look after nature it will continue to provide sources of nourishment. It is not just the ethical option, but the sensible choice to support companies that want better for our planet. 



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