Three Organic Essential Oils (5ml)


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NaturaPure Essential Oils are all Organic Blends. Essential oils are concentrated extracts of the plants they have come from using a natural extraction process.

Essential oils; small glass bottles of liquid magic that can transform your health and wellbeing in the form of aromatherapy. Used for thousands of years for therapeutic and medicinal purposes, essential oils are present in many household products to aid relaxation, sensory and skin-healing.

Aromatherapy has lots of benefits when it comes to health. Experts believe certain oils can improve sleep, relieve stress and help us unwind. With life becoming busier and people turning to holistic and organic remedies more often, essential oils are proving popular and forming an important part of many people’s day to day routines.

Essential oils are liquids extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, fruits and seeds that are formulated to work in harmony with our bodies, promoting well-being and naturally boosting our health.

Currently you can choose from 3 different blends:

  • Natura - a blend of Lime, Lavendin and Fir
  • Calm - a blend of Rosemary and Lavendin
  • Retreat - a blend of Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Litsea, and Spruce 


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