Vegan Hairbrush with Tampico Fibre



This is THE hairbrush for those who love being plastic-free but who also favour vegan values and do not wish to compromise!

This vegan hairbrush is completely plastic free and is made of tampico fibre. It's the perfect option for those who have a sensitive scalp and those transitioning to natural hair care.

The bristles are made from tampico fibre. A sustainably sourced and unique fibre made from a plant unique to the semi- desert areas of northern Mexico. It has been used for centuries to make cords, ropes, brushes, scrubbers and brooms.


  • 36cm in size
  • A plastic free, zero waste product
  • Vegan
  • Soft, light bristles for gentler for sensitive scalps and suits most hair types
  • Designed and made in Germany using FSC certified beechwood


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