Non-Alcoholic Cocktail - Triple Gift Pack

Three Spirit


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This trilogy gift box makes the perfect gift !

Try three different flavours of these tasty non-alcoholic spirits, each designed to enhance your mood.  They are made with 11 powerful plant-based ingredients which are picked to harmonise together in a unique way.

Three Spirit was created by bartenders and "botanical alchemists" and using ingredients including: lion's mane, cacao, damiana, and yerba mate. All of the ingredients were picked with care and some for their wellness benefits.

No-alcohol spirits are gaining in popularity but where Three Spirit is different is that it doesn't claim to be like any other spirit, nor does it try to be at all. It's not a wannabe gin masquerading as a "distilled spirit" nor a booze-free beer, it's something else all together.

Each Gift Box comes with:

1 x 20cl bottle The Livener

1 x 20cl bottle The Social Elixir

1 x 20cl bottle The Nightcap.

*Please note these are not full-size bottles.



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