Our Plastic Free Promise

At Agent of Change we promise that no plastic is used in our shipping materials. 

What one of our packages does include is: a cardboard box or envelope, paper tape, our postcard and kraft paper (only when needed). 


Our Packaging

We have chosen RajaPack for our packaging due to their numerous eco-friendly schemes. Their boxes are made from at least 70% recycled materials and, most importantly, are recyclable.


The same can be said for the tape and kraft paper your delivery may contain - which are all from Rajapack. 


RajaPack choose to use bio-based (sustainably sourced) packaging that is manufactured from renewable natural materials, which also contributes to the reduction of our impact on the environment.


Our Postcards

We have carefully selected Ashley House to print our postcards, due to their commitment to the environment. Ashley House are passionate about the environment and are one of the most environmentally friendly printers in the UK.


They are certified with ISO 14001 and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®). 


Ashley House print on FSC® and recycled papers. All their FSC® papers are sourced from FSC® certified mills and all their papers are from sustainable sources. They're affiliated with the award-winning Woodland Trust Carbon Capture scheme, reducing the company's carbon footprint and replanting woodlands in the UK with native trees.


They use superior quality vegetable-based inks, which do not compromise the standard of our work.


They recycle all waste products, from waste paper to ink tins, used printing plates, wooden pallets and plastics wraps… they recycle everything.


They even buy their energy from a green energy supplier !



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