Alcohol-Free All-Natural Cocktail 'The Livener'

Three Spirit


An invigorating Livener of botanical ingredients chosen to brighten the mind and prepare you for what’s to come. A pick me up or party primer powered by plants, the perfect start to a night out or celebration.

Exotic botanicals and vibrant fruits, the livener is complex and punchy, starting with watermelon and guayusa freshness, moving through ginseng bitterness with floral, green herbs and a lingering dry finish of hibiscus and tannins.

Ideally suited to bright, fresh serves. Try in a spritz with Crodino, as a Bellini with Guava & Kombucha or even from a slushy machine as a margarita

Natural caffeine & L-theanine from Guayusa and Green tea pick you up and help extend your buzz. Watermelon, Ginger and Ginseng stimulate, unlock energy and fight fatigue while Guava Leaf protects you.

No-alcohol spirits are gaining in popularity but where Three Spirit is different is that it doesn't claim to be like any other spirit. It's not a wannabe gin masquerading as a "distilled spirit". They are made with 11 powerful plant-based ingredients which are picked to harmonise together in a unique way. Three Spirit was created by bartenders and "botanical alchemists" using ingredients picked for mood enhancing and wellness benefits.

No artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners.

Size: 500ml

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About Three Spirit

Three Spirit Drinks believe in the power of socialising and connection. Alcohol has long held a powerful association with enabling connection, but they wanted to find a plant-based alternative that also helped you feel good . They wanted a choice where there was none.

After playing and experimenting over the past year with lots of amazing plants, discovering function and flavour and creating some weird and wonderful batches along the way, Three Spirit was created: the world’s first plant-based, alcohol-free, social elixir. Designed to make you feel good.

So whether you drink alcohol or not, it’s important you go out and find ways to connect, to yourself, to others or to the natural world. Three Spirit helps you relax, unwind and feel a little more up for whatever comes your way. It’s a little glass of saying yes to life. So enjoy it and, most importantly, have some fun.

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