Energy Gum (Caffeine Boost, 3 packs)

Blockhead Energy


Three packs (3 x 10 pieces)

A fast, easy and healthy way to get an energy boost. You’ll have an espresso’s worth of caffeine getting you going in just 5 minutes — without any sugar or calories.

Also contains Panax Ginseng, believed to boost physical and mental well-being while supporting the body’s natural defences and immune system and B-Vitamins, which help you fight fatigue with energy-yielding cell-metabolism regulation.


The pioneering energy gum brand was born from the recognition that other energy products on the market don’t activate fast enough when it comes to boosting performance. BLOCKHEAD ENERGY has staked its claim, creating a new category that sits squarely between the booming energy drinks market, and the declining chewing gum sector: functional confectionery.




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