Gift Glass Tumblers in Gold (2 Pack)

Agent of Change

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Not sure what to give your friend or family member? These geometric glasses are the perfect Christmas, wedding or anniversary gift.

They are the perfect accompaniment to our Three Spirit non-alcoholic cocktail spirits for those who would like a tasty xmas drink and drive!

Geometric Inspired Shape

Who said that barware needs to be ordinary? The tumbler drinking glass takes inspiration from modern terrariums with a unique angular shape, emphasised by beautiful metallic styled edges.

Satisfying Drinking Experience

The thick hand-blown glass gives it a weighty and sturdy feel while the lip has been crafted to provide a satisfying drinking experience

A Glass Ready for Any Occasion

Enjoy a new angle when drinking your whiskey, gin, brandy, cognac or wine. The glassware is great for your favourite spirit or cocktail, as well as being suitable for everyday use at home.

Make a Statement

A modern spin on the traditional old fashioned tumbler, it is time to upgrade to the future of drinking differently. Go on, make a statement with your choice of matt black or gold, elegant and bold edges.


7.5 x 7.5 x 9.5 cm



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