Natural Organic Makeup Remover



Pair now with our Reusable Hemp Make Up Wipes

Thistle's makeup remover was made to gently remove your days makeup and any dirt or oil that may be on your skin too. 



Coconut oil is fantastic for removing makeup gently but effectively by easing off your makeup while not being harsh on your skin.

Olive oil has properties that mirror your skins natural oils so can add to your natural protective barrier. It also works with the hemp and coconut oil to gently wipe away traces of your day.


  • Deep cleaning as well as instantly removing makeup
  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Hand made with natural ingredients
  • Vegan and free from parabens
  • 100ml Glass Jar with biodegradable label
  • Delivered in plastic free packaging with biodegradable postage bags


Hemp Oil

Olive Oil 

Coconut Oil 

Vitamin E 




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