Environmentally Sustainable Designer Shoulder Bag


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Forget fast fashion, with this redesigned, environmentally sustainable, and fashion-forward shoulder bags. These ultra eco-friendly, handmade shoulder bags are sustainability woven into fashion. *Every item's colors and patterns are unique. The item you receive will have a unique pattern containing 4 - 8 colors. 

Your Bag's Impact

  • For the Environment - Depending on it's size, each item we create keeps between 2 oz to 1 lb of unrecyclable materials from entering our land and oceans--that amount is the equivalent of up to 38 water bottles.
  • For Women - When you purchase a product you provide an artisan mother with a sustainable livelihood which pays three times the average wage in her community. Mothererth's artisan moms are from local communities around the Philippines who have been trained to use their tradition of hand weaving to repurpose the strips of upcycled materials into vibrant, one-of-a-kind accessories.

About Mothererth

Mothererth is creating a movement of people wearing their bright bags as a statement of commitment to care for others and the earth. 

Mothererth is a social impact company creating fashion that empowers women and restores the earth. The group intercepts unrecyclable materials before they can pollute the land and oceans and then work with a team of incredible artisan moms to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art. 



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