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T Spheres®

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Self Care Made Simple

Portable and easy to travel with, T Spheres are innovative self-massage tools born from over 17 years of research and development that combine the infusion of aromatherapy essential oil into a perfectly weighted patented rubber compound.

Using Your T Spheres

Stressors and daily sources of anxiety can build up and be stored as muscle tension in the body causing aches and pains. T Spheres aromatherapy massage balls are molded specifically for massage to help alleviate these pains using our easy and effective T Spheres Techniques

Apply Palm Pressure on chronic tension points, move into Palm Rolling across the tense or sore area. Add our Myofascial Twist Technique by holding the T Sphere with your fingertips and apply gentle pressure, adding a twist to release superficial connective tissue. Use as an Acupressure tool, place underneath your body along the back muscles that support the spine to release trigger points and open neurological channels or underneath your feet for reflexology and foot massage.

Heat And Ice Therapy


  • Option 1: Bring water to a boil, add T Spheres for 2-3 minutes, remove and pat dry. Use caution with boiling water.

  • Option 2: Microwave, place your T Spheres in water in a microwave-safe bowl, heat for 1-2 minutes, remove and pat dry. Use caution with boiling water.

Test heat before application.


  • Option 1: Freeze for 30 minutes or more. Can be stored in the freezer in a resealable bag to retain freshness.

  • Option 2: Place in a bowl of ice, in cooler or on an ice pack for 15 minutes or more.

Test cold before application.

Cleaning Your T Spheres

Rinse with cool or warm water, air or pat dry then refresh with matching aroma refresher spray as needed.

Additionally for deep cleanse, blend 25% hydrogen peroxide / 75% water for 5-10 minute soak, follow with cool water rinse and refresh with matching aroma refresher spray as needed.

Do not use soap, rubbing alcohol, or antibacterial gels as this will damage the proprietary, textured rubber compound.

Refreshing Your T Spheres

Spray one or two pumps into the portable pouch and place your T Spheres inside to allow absorption. 

Spray one or two pumps into the palm of your hand, massage your hands using your T Spheres, this will allow the T Spheres to absorb the oil. This application is recommended for direct skin contact only not on clothing.

About T Spheres®

As the Founder and CEO of T Spheres, Stephanie Whittier brings over 29 years of massage and craniosacral therapies, pain relief innovation, multi-cultural massage practices, and extensive formal massage education to her company and products.

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