Ultimate Collagen+ 90 Capsules

Ingenious Beauty


30 day supply. (Not suitable for vegetarians).

Collagen is a vital protein for healthy skin, hair and nails. As you age your body produces lower levels of collagen. Taking a supplement will help, but without protection such collagen is easily broken down in the stomach.

Take three capsules daily. It is recommended taking them before bed, ideally on an empty stomach (or at least an hour after eating). Hand filled capsules, 100% natural and active ingredients.


  • Thicker Hair
  • Stronger Nails
  • Supple Joints
  • Reduce Fine Lines
  • UV Protection

About Ingenious Beauty

Ingenious Beauty is the ONLY collagen supplement to solve this issue! Their patented delivery system ensures their capsules protect the collagen as it passes through the stomach, reaching the small intestine intact. This is the site of maximum absorption into the bloodstream. It enables your body to reap the benefits of the extra collagen along with other amazing ingredients.



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